Hello, my name is

Kieran Branigan

Web Developer

About me

I'm a web developer based in Bournemouth with a passion for making websites.

With years of experience across software development, online business and ecommerce through both my university degree and my time working for JP Morgan, it has always been web development that brought me the most excitement when setting up a new business or idea.

My goal is to empower small and medium businesses to access a new demographic of online customers though a professional and secure website. Having run some small businesses myself I understand wanting to focus as much time as possible on the tasks that you do best and wishing that all of the other tasks could be seamlessly automated. That is where my web development and hosting services excel.

What I do

Hassle Free Websites

I handle the whole process. From gathering your requirements and building a beautiful website, to hosting and maintaining it for the rest of time and everything in between

Responsive Web Design

All of our websites are designed with responsive user experience in mind, meaning no matter what device your customers look you up on, they will get the same high quality, professional experience you would expect from a desktop website

Maintenance and Support

We've got it covered. With regular updates and minor maintenance included in our hosting plan, we ensure your website stays secure and accurately reflects what exciting new things your business has to offer

Secure Hosting

With reliable and secure web hosting you can relax, knowing your website won't be down unexpectedly and your customers will be able to check you out at any time of day with no drop in quality


I have a good level of experience with blogs and brochure websites as shown in my portfolio, but also knowledge of ecommerce, booking systems and dynamic content. I can easily learn new skills if none of these categories apply to what you’re looking for.

A personal brand website for an upcoming fantasy and thriller writer. Check out his new release: Adam Tideborne And The Greatsword Of War

The company website for my upcoming web design agency offering website creation, hosting and maintenance services

A cooking blog featuring some tasty and affordable meal prep recipes perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and bodybuilders